About Think Events

What We Do

What you think, we make happen.

In an era, where brands have evolved beyond the product and into the realm of experience, giving the audience a taste of what you represent constitutes our mission.

Comprising of the dreamers and the doers, we breathe life into your brand, build a rapport with your market and strengthen a community that dotes on you.

Think Events manages and organizes a spectrum of creative events, with the right mixture of convention and innovation accross scale, budget and industry.

Who We Are

The first parameter of measuring the capability and reliability of a company is the people who represent it. Given the team at Think Events, you know your project is in experienced, expert hands.

Girish Chandran, Founder & Managing Partner
With a passion for innovation and a knack for creating a spark in every converstation, Girish is the team's go-to guy. His experience in the field has made him doted captain at the helm of Think Events - leading every aspect of creating an event.

Anshu Kothari, Co-Founder & Partner
With a penchant for detail, Anshu's stint in the event industry with a number of renowned clients and projects urged her to explore this dynamic field further. With values that clients are glad to put their faith in, she co-founded Think Events and leads the team with a mission to achieve excellence.

How We Do It

Know what we need, why we need it and how we work.
Acquaint yourself with our penchant for procedure, while we add twists that make our event stand out.

We start with religiously recording the client's brief and deciphering it.

Adapting the Brand
A deep analysis of the client company follows. The team at Think Events does not only rely on brief, but also imbibes client's company policies, brand guidelines and principles, so that they work on the project as a part of the client’s brand.

Ideation & Presentation
Brainstorming session follows, where every possibility & innovation is reviewed for feasibility. Options are shortlisted & shuttled between client and our team, leading to qualitative updates and refinement.

After a nod of approval for the creative and executive route, the ideas are presented to the client - including a reasonable price quotation, illustrating everything with abundant references.

The Groundwork
A schedule highlighting deadline is drawn up, working backwards from the date of the event to the present. Accordingly, each department comes up with a checklist, factoring in what-ifs and last minute possibilites so that we are prepared to tackle worst case scenarios.

Crew and personnel such as performers, hosts and technicians are contacted and the wheel is set spinning towards the date of the event.